Jesse Fischer, born in 1996.
Lives and works in Tilburg, the Netherlands.
Sans Gêne • Free and Easy
When looking at Jesse Fischer’s work we pay witness to scenes of colorful adult life in which innocence and an almost neurotic sexyness go hand in hand. His work emits a modernity that for the average museum visitor, has yet to dawn.
In a playful way, Fischer’s paintings depict a culture which is all about the individual pursuit of pleasure. The characters he paints often look cut-off from their surroundings, staring into the distance, in search for another rush. Despite these empty stares, the imaginary world in which these characters find themselves is an enchanting one in which the objects radiate joy and lightheartedness.
Fischer’s method could be described as ‘intuitive narrative painting’. Though there seems to be a story told in each of the works, this narrative is only formed by adding elements in an intuitive matter.
– Dorothy Dancefloor